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Jenna McDougall! Jenna is the vocalist of an Australian pop punk band who call themselves Tonight Alive.

aim: jenntriloquist

G-Eazy! G-Eazy contributes to the tour as a solo artist, well known for his expertise in the hip hop and rap genre.

aim: g.eazy

Ashley Costello! Ash is the vocalist of an American rock band called New Years Day.

aim: hailtheapocalypse

Max Bemis! Max is the vocalist of an American rock band who call themselves Say Anything.

aim: kallmekubrick

Nick Grimshaw! Nick is the host of the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

aim: morninggrimmy

Welcome to Uproar! We’re pleased to have you join our line up. Before you get settled in, though, there’s some things you should do. The to-do list is right this way.

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